Gantouw Tours & Excursions

Basic Excursions & Tours

Our basic tours are interpretive, topical (subject orientated) excursions where we will drive to various places and points of interest with minimal walking involved.


Youth Environmental Education

In support of the school curriculum and environmental programmes we support and provide outdoor environmental education and excursions to schools and youth groups.


Guided Walks and Hiking Excursions

Interpretive guided walks and hikes that will require some to serious level fitness, depending on the type of excursion.



Nature, its amazing scenes and scenery, is an incredible place, being a teacher, a friend and healer, but through our rushed, modern lives we have become so disconnected from it. Whether it is an environmental education programme offered to a youth group age 5 and up, or a guided nature amble for a group of retired citizens, I am always trying to offer the best inter-active, hands-on nature experience to rekindle awe and reconnect people with nature. Gantouw Tours & Excursions is not about "just another walk or a hike", but offers hands-on, interactive, educational nature guiding, hikes and walks.

Gantouw tours & excursions are not limited to the fixed tours. Contact us and setup a CUSTOM tour


Andreas Groenewald

"For it is not How Strong you are, But in the Correct Use of Strength"

I grew up in the Strand, Western Cape South Africa. My passion is to provide educational day or overnight hikes into the mountains, ecosystems and habitats of the Western Cape. In 2013 I founded Gantouw Tours & Excursions to realize the former and live my dream as a professional nature guide. Join me, Andreas Groenewald, Registered FGASA Nature Guide, on an educational, hand-on excursions of the Cape's natural history!

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